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Redash | A Powerful OpenSource Query Tool | UP and Running in 10 Mins

As an improvement plan in DB Access you can introduce Redash in your company or to your clients. It is open source tool and can be hosted internally on private subnet.
Redash helps you making sense of your data. You can connect and query your data sources, build dashboards to visualize data and share them with your colleagues.
Some of redash features are:
Write queries in their natural syntax and explore schemasLive auto-complete and keyboard shortcutsCreate snippets for elements you frequently useUse query results as data sources to join different databasesRedash support multiple integrations and will help us to minimize our ops work while smoothen overall user experience with db. Let's start deploying it.
Using any of the below methods you can deploy Redash:
AWS EC2 AMIDocker For AWS env it provides baked AMI's you just have to launch instances from AMI's and Redash will be up and ready with in 10 mins. There are several other methods as well while Docker is quite popular…

How to remove/deregister an instance from PMM?

We all need a monitoring system like pmm to monitor our database. Let me give a brief about how pmm works.

So PMM uses prometheus to store metrics/graphs and grafana to display them. As seen in the architecture diagram prometheus uses consul to get the list of host to scrap metrics. More information on architecture and installation are available in docs. We were facing issues related to down hosts and if setup alerts in grafana for down host and host is terminated it continuously throws alerts. So problem was how can we remove/deregister instances from pmm. We can access consul UI using below link: http://PMM-SERVER/consul/#/dc1/ Previously there was option available on this ui to deregister host. while in the new releases of consul it has been removed see link. But now we can use below procedure from command line to deregister hosts from consul. Get list of nodes: curl -s 'http://USER:PASSWORD@PMM-SERVER-IP/v1/internal/ui/nodes?dc=dc1' | python -mjson.tool | less Remove node f…