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A GH-OST can save your time!

Today I am going to introduce you all to an awesome tool GH-OST. We are using it since many months to Alter tables online. Believe me it saves lot of time and efforts while altering big tables in MySQL.
gh-ost has been developed at GitHub. To answer a problem we faced with ongoing, continuous production schema changes requiring modifications to MySQL tables. gh-ost changes the existing online table migration paradigm by providing a low impact, controllable, auditable, operations friendly solution.
gh-ost stands for GitHub’s Online Schema Transmogrifier/Transfigurator/Transformer/Thingy.
While migrating table gh-ost creates a ghost table in the likeness of your original table, migrate that table while empty, slowly and incrementally copy data from your original table to the ghost table, meanwhile propagating ongoing changes (any INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE applied to your table) to the ghost table. Finally, at the right time, they replace your original table with the ghost table.


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